Preparing Beans

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Preparing Lentils

We take you step by step and show you exactly how you should be preparing lentils so they come out perfect every time!

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Take a look at these easy to prepare recipes that will have your family and friends begging for more in this tutorial.

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filtered water benefits in cooking

The Benefits of Using Filtered Water in Cooking

How important is the type of water you use while cooking?  Well, based on recent research, it appears to be very important.  In this post, we take a look at some of the benefits filtered water offers when cooking.

What is filtered water?

Filtered water is water that has had additional impurities removed. Most households and offices’ tap water contains small amounts of dissolved minerals such as magnesium, sodium, and calcium. Chlorine is also often added to water as a disinfectant. However, water that is disinfected but unfiltered can still contain harmful substances such as harmful metals- lead and mercury. Without adequate water filtration, households expose themselves to harmful viruses, bacteria and other harmful contaminants that will affect their wealth, which is why it’s important when it comes to choosing the best water filter pitcher.

Adds flavor to food and drinks.

Using filtered water contributes to the preservation of food’s natural flavor. By removing unnecessary contaminants, your food will taste distinctly better this is due to the fact that unfiltered water may contain a distinctive metallic taste.

It is also important to note that chlorine, fluorine and several other chemical additives affect food color. For example, chlorine, a bleaching agent, contributes to the lack-luster color of food. When you use filtered water, you will notice the vibrancy of your food such as vegetables and fruits.

Filtered water will also, improve the taste of your beverages such as tea and coffee.

Helps in baking.

Restaurants are quickly getting on-board with using filtered water to bake bread and other pastries. Filtered water increases the effect of yeast allowing it to rise more which results in softer goodies.

Some of the minerals present in unfiltered water inhibit the natural reactive nature of yeast and by extension, interfere with the fermentation process by slowing it down. This can also lead to the entire gluten structure of the dough being distorted. Furthermore, restaurants that use unfiltered water produce tough baked goods.

Filtered water is healthier.

Filtered water is healthier in that it does not contain harmful substances. Although many of these substances only exist in trace amounts in unfiltered water, it is important to realize that when these contaminants are ingested over a period of time, they accumulate and lead to health problems.


filtered water for cookingBy filtering your water for household use, beneficial minerals such as calcium are retained. At the same time, harmful contaminants such as lead and mercury are eliminated. In the absence of these harmful contaminants, the body is free and works in an optimized environment. Eventually, one’s immune system and overall health greatly improve.

Improves your water drinking habit.

This goes without saying, it is easier to drink and meet the daily recommended dose of water when the water is free of funny tastes. The odd taste that one might sense while drinking water can be explained by the contaminants therein.

For example, on average, tap water contains up to three hundred milligrams of sodium per liter, which is actually a significant amount. When sodium combines with chlorine, they produce sodium chloride which explains the salty taste of tap water. By using a home filtration system, you can significantly reduce the amount of sodium and chlorine in your tap water. This will enable you to drink it without the funny taste.

It is important to put measures that will keep your family safe and healthy by using filtered water for cooking.

How to Know What Cutlery items you can use For Different Food Dishes?

Choosing the right type of cutlery for different food dishes is considered to be a part of food serving manners. If you want to serve your guests in a perfect way, you must make sure that you have chosen everything very carefully. Cooking the delicious and tasty food is mandatory but you must also keep in mind that the decoration is also a part of serving the food in a great way. Most of the people are good at decorating the dish with different salad items but they fail when it comes to choosing the right cutlery for different dishes.

For example, if you are serving the roasted food to your guests, you must consider using the rose gold cutlery as it will add a unique touch of beauty to your dish. Similarly, there are some other cutlery items that are specifically designed for special food dishes. Therefore, you must carefully decide that which items you are going to use when serving the food to your guests. Today, we are going to solve this problem by sharing some interesting information on this topic.

We believe that some of the tips we are going to mention here are already visible to you but you’d have never thought of using them before. But after reading the importance of these elements, you’d definitely start using them whenever you are serving food to the guests. Here is the information about how you can choose the right cutlery items when serving different food dishes to the guests.

The amount of food

The amount of food you are going to serve matters a lot when you are choosing the cutlery. So, you must figure out that which cutlery item can easily accommodate the amount of food you are going to serve. In simple words, choosing the right size of the pot is the key to serve the food in a perfect way.

The type of food

The type of food you are going to serve to the guests also matters a lot. For example, if you are serving the rice to the guests, you must consider using a wide tray. And if you are serving the Pasta or Macaroni, you must serve it in a bowl. Similarly, you can choose the right type of cutlery for serving the food based on the type of food you are going to serve.

The weather

The weather is also an important element that is mostly overlooked when we are choosing the cutlery for serving food. If the weather is cold, you must consider serving the food in the pots that can keep the food warm for a long time. Otherwise, the food would get cold and it won’t taste good at all. And you’d also feel embarrassed in this situation. Here is more information about choosing the right type of cutlery for different food dishes.